How do you help someone understand something like depression, anxiety, or anger issues?

There are few things more frustrating or discouraging than finally finding the strength and the words to open up and reach for help, let someone in, and then find that they can’t relate or understand at all.  This is especially true when it’s one of the few people you are really close to, one of the main people you would turn to for support.

It’s not that this person doesn’t want to understand and help, they do.  They’ve never felt anything resembling depression, though…never felt irrational anger.  They have their own form of anxiety but not the kind that keeps you up all night unable to quiet your mind, not the kind that makes you suddenly abandon your shopping cart and leave a store because you feel overwhelmed.

To help my friend help me, I’m asking for suggestions or resources…what have you found to be successful in helping another understand what it’s like to suffer with depression, anxiety, or anger issues?  What has helped them be more patient, understanding, and compassionate when they can’t relate to the feelings you’re dealing with?